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About B.A.S.H.

The WILTON B.A.S.H® Sledge Hammer is the World's most durable Sledge hammer that is 400% tougher than other hammers. With Unbreakable® Handle Technology constructed with molten steel bars reinforcing the handle, and a locking steel plate holding the head to that handle is quite simply the most durable hammer on the market, outperforming wood and fiberglass handled hammers strike after strike. Tested to 25,000 overstrikes, the WILTON B.A.S.H® Sledge Hammer puts traditional wood and fiberglass hammers to shame and will hold up when you need it most!

About Wilton

The WILTON® Vise and Clamp family has improved over the years, but has always maintained the same high quality and integrity since 1941. WILTON® designed the first Bullet Bench Vise

over 75 years ago creating the groundwork for quality craftsmanship and durability for every tool that bears the Wilton name. With a wide range of Bench Vises, Machine Vises, Truck Vises, F-Clamps, and C-Clamps you can depend on the quality and durability of every tool that bears the Wilton name!

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