Warmer Weather is Coming!
Warmer Weather is Coming!

Time to Clean off the Salt & Tidy up the Shop

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Gear Up for the Season with Tyler Tool for the Season’s Best Tools & Equipment!

With the changing of Seasons throughout the year – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter; each one brings about new projects to fix, improve and maintain vehicles, garages, homes and more. Tyler Tool’s Gear-Up for the Season is your one-stop-shop for all the best seasonal tools and equipment for your small automotive or mechanic shop, Gearhead DIY’er garage, or to keep your home and yard the envy of your neighbors.

As Spring blesses us with warmer weather, vehicle and yard maintenance becomes important projects for anyone to tackle. For the small automotive or mechanic shop, upgrading A/C service equipment maybe necessary as newer vehicles have improved which makes them much tighter and leaks are harder to detect and often go unnoticed by owners and some technicians. Thankfully so have leak detection tools from top brands like Robinair, Mastercool, and CPS Products. Whether using a UV dye leak detection device or an electronic leak detector, Tyler Tool offers the best A/C Equipment on the market. For the Gearhead DIY’ers, self-servicing your vehicle often requires engine and vehicle lifting equipment. Tyler Tool offers a wide variety of Bottle Jacks, Jack Stands, Service Jacks, Truck Ramps and more to help you get under the vehicle with ease. And don’t forget the most important car maintenance after the winter season – thoroughly washing your car, especially for those that live in areas where salt and brine is used to melt slick spots and provide traction which builds up on vehicle paint and undercarriage. Shop top of the line Pressure Washers and Accessories from brands like DeWalt, Generac, Quipall, Simpson, Sun Joe and others to clean the dirtiest cars. But don’t just stop at washing, give your car a straight-off-the-lot look with a good polish when using cordless or corded polishers from DeWalt, Makita and more.

Vehicles aren’t the only area that should get attention during Seasonal changes. These weather changes are also a good reminder to give shops, garages, homes or yards some organization and maintenance attention. Tyler Tool offers a broad assortment of Tool Storage solutions including DeWalt ToughSystem, Homak Tool Chests, and more. For vehicle storage solutions, shop our Truck Boxes from top brands like Delta and JOBOX. If you’re just looking for Landscaping Tools and Equipment, shop Top Outdoor Categories for Electric Lawn Mowers, Trimmers (both Hedge Trimmers and String Trimmers), and Blowers. If your yard is overgrown Tyler Tool has Husqvarna Chainsaws, DeWalt Chainsaws, Makita Chainsaws in corded, electric, and gas options. If you’re looking to save money but keep the power, consider a Multi Function Yard Tool which offers versatility with a Powerhead that allows you to purchase a variety of attachments to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Whether the Honda Versattach system, or Makita Couple Shaft, Tyler Tool has all the top tool Brands you love!