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How to Select The Right Bathroom Fan

The right fan for your bathroom is based on cubic feet per minute, but don't worry, we make it easy with this simple chart. All you have to do is enjoy the way we clean, circulate, and condition the air with style.

Hunter Bath Fans offer you the best combination of style, performance, and reliability.

Bathroom size determines CFM needed

To determine the approximate minimum CFM needed for your bathroom, determine the square footage (length x width). Multiply that number by 1.1 for an 8 foot ceiling; multiply by 1.25 for a 9-12 foot ceiling; or multiply by 1.5 for a cathedral ceiling, and round up.

  Approximate Minimum CFM Required
Bathroom Size
LengthxWidth=Sq. Ft.
8 Ft. Ceiling
Sq. Ft.x1.1
9-12 Ft. Ceiling
Sq. Ft.x1.25
Cathedral Ceiling
Sq. Ft.x1.25
6 x 6 = 36 40 50 60
6 x 9 = 54 60 70 80
8 x 10 = 80 90 100 120
7 x 12 = 84 100 110 130

The higher the CFM, the greater the air movement.

The lower the Sones, the quieter the fan.

Sound levels are measured by an industry standard called a “Sone.” The lower the Sone rating, the quieter the fan. An exhaust fan with a Sone rating of 4.0 is twice as loud as one with a rating of 2.0 Sones. Hunter Bathroom Fans use ultra-quiet technology.

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