Dewalt DWHT55524 10 in. Claw Bar

Dewalt Model: dewndwht55524
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Dewalt DWHT55524 10 in. Claw Bar Dewalt Model: dewndwht55524
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Product Features & specs :

Dewalt DWHT55524 10 in. Claw Bar

DeWalt's Claw Bar I-beam shaft design and extra wide strike surface helps you provide sufficient strength and accuracy for any prying need. The nail digger is able to get underneath a flush nail while minimizing any wood surface damage.
  • Nail digger exposes the head of a flush nail to be pulled out with minimal damage to the wood
  • Extra wide strike surface helps accurately strike the bar beneath prying surface
  • I-beam shaft provides strength without adding a lot of weight
  • Pointed penetration end digs into material to remove embedded nails
What’s Included:
  • 10 in. Claw Bar - DWHT55524

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