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"Bosch $20 off $100" Exclusions:

Valid on select items, qualifying items are identified on the product page. Offer not valid on reconditioned, open box, certified and the following items:

bshnddb180-02, bshnhdb180-02, bshnps11-102, bshnps21-2a, bshnps31-2a, bshnps41-2a, bshnps60-102, bshnclpk22-120, bshnads181b, bshncag180b, bshnccs180b, bshncrs180b, bshngss18v-40b, bshngss18v-40bl, bshniwmh182b, bshnjsh180b, bshnpb360c, bshn25618-02, bshnddb181-02, bshndds181-02, bshndds181a-02, bshndds182-02, bshnhds181-02, bshnhds181a-02, bshnhds182-02, bshnidh182-02, bshnrhh181-01, bshnclpk203-181, bshnclpk204-181, bshnclpk222-181, bshnclpk222-181l, bshnclpk223-181, bshnclpk224-181, bshnclpk232-181, bshnclpk232a-181, bshnclpk233-181, bshnclpk237-181, bshnclpk237a-181, bshnclpk250-181, bshnclpk26-181, bshnclpk402-181, bshnclpk414-181, bshnclpk430-181, bshnwc18cv, bshnwc18cvh, bshnwc18cvh-101, bshnwc18chf-101, bshnrh328vc-36k, bshn4100-09, bshncm10gd, bshngcm12sd, bshngts1031, bshnt4b, bshnhd18-2, bshn11255vsr, bshn11264evsk, bshn11264evs, bshnrh228vc, bshnrh328vc, bshnrh540m, bshnrh540s, bshnrh745, bshnrh1255vc, bshn11316evs, bshn11335k, bshngbm8-13, bshnbat620-2pk, bshnbat621, bshnbat622, bshnbat838, bshnbc3680, bshn1380slim, bshn1380slim-k, bshnag50-11vs, bshncsg15, bshngws10-45p, bshngws10-45pd, bshngws13-50vsp, bshncs10, bshnrs325, bshnrs428, bshnjs365, bshnjs470e, bshnpl1632, bshnpl2632k, bshnmx30ec-31, bshn1617evs, bshn1617evspk, bshngkf125cek, bshnmrc23evsk, bshnmrf23evs, bshnpr111, bshnpr112, bshnpr20evs, bshnpr20evsk, bshngss20-40, bshnros20vsc, bshnbt 150, bshngcl 2-160, bshngcl2 2-160 + lr6, bshngll 2, bshngll2-20, bshnglm 15, bshnglm 20, bshnglm 35, bshnglm 40, bshnglm 50 c