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"h1": { "url" : "", "title" : "Service All-Inclusive", "desc" : "Registered tools are covered under Festool's Service All-Inclusive which includes a 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 10-Year Parts Availability, 48-Hour Standard Repair Turnaround and more." }, "h2": { "url" : " 2200 watt motor.jpg", "title" : "2200 Watt Motor", "desc" : "Powerful 2200 Watt motor tackles the most demanding applications with ease. Multi-Material Control (MMC) electronics protects and extends the life of the motor using thermal overload protection, soft-startup technology and constant spindle speed under load." }, "h3": { "url" : " triple bearing design.jpg", "title" : "Triple Bearing Design", "desc" : "Triple Bearing Design dampens spindle and bit deflection. Bearings at the top, middle and bottom prevent spindle wobble. This is important considering the power of the OF 2200 and the centrifugal forces exerted with spinning large bits at speeds up to 22,000 RPM." }, "h4": { "url" : " variable speed control.jpg", "title" : "Variable Speed Control", "desc" : "Variable Speed Control with onboard cross reference guide allows you to dial in the appropriate spindle speed based on the material and application. Multi-Material Control (MMC) electronics ensure the speed of the bit is constant as you plunge and move through the work piece." }, "h5": { "url" : " magnetic spindle brake.jpg", "title" : "Magnetic Spindle Brake", "desc" : "Magnetic Spindle Brake is a faster, more reliable method of retarding spindle motion. The use of magnetic force to stop the spindle also prolongs the service life of the motor versus a mechanical or electronic method." }, "h6": { "url" : " half inch collet.jpg", "title" : "1/2 in. Collet", "desc" : "1/2 in. Collet allows you to take full advantage of its 2200 Watts of power. With an opening of 3-3/8 in. on the standard base, the OF 2200 can take advantage of a full assortment of router bits." }, "h7": { "url" : " single tool ratcheting collet.jpg", "title" : "Single-Tool Ratcheting Collet", "desc" : "Use the spindle locking lever to disengage spindle movement and loosen the collet with a ratcheting motion. The ingenious retractable 360 degree dust shroud and wide plunge column spacing enables open access to the collet." }, "h8": { "url" : " double locking plunge columns.jpg", "title" : "Double Locking Plunge Columns", "desc" : "Locking mechanism actuates against both of the anodized plunge columns to prevent movement, setting the depth securely. The plunge depth is locked with a single twist of the locking knob located at your fingertips on the router's handle." }, "h9": { "url" : " locking depth stop rod.jpg", "title" : "Locking Depth Stop Rod", "desc" : "Locking Depth Stop Rod allows you save time by locking the OF 2200 in its plunged position and calibrate the plunge depth using the four-position depth stop turret in a single step." }, "h10": { "url" : " super fine microadjustment.jpg", "title" : "Super Fine Micro-Adjustment", "desc" : "Micro-Adjustment Knob fine tunes plunge depth in increments of 1/256 in. (1/10mm). Directional icons let you know at a glance how to increase or decrease plunge depth. The knob features detents to ensure absolute precision." }, "h11": { "url" : " control placement.jpg", "title" : "Control Placement", "desc" : "All of the OF 2200 operational controls are at your fingertips. The power trigger, trigger lock, locking knob for the double-column plunge depth lock and release trigger for the 360 degree dust shroud are intuitively placed." }, "h12": { "url" : " 30 degree handle offset.jpg", "title" : "30 Degree Handle Offset", "desc" : "The 30 degree offset handles mean that you hold the router at a position that is comfortable and natural. This design also creates lateral force against the edge of the workpiece, keeping the Edge Guide against the material when in use." }, "h13": { "url" : " dust extraction column.jpg", "title" : "Dust Extraction Column", "desc" : "The Dust Extraction Column is placed on the back of the OF 2200 and extends to the top of the router and includes a swivel nozzle. This design which keeps the power cord (also top mounted) and dust extraction hose out of your way." }, "h14": { "url" : " supportive base.jpg", "title" : "Supportive Base", "desc" : "The sub-base of the OF 2200 is designed to prevent scratches, glides easily and offers a flat bearing surface. The base is large enough to allow you to guide the router with confidence even when edge routing." }, "h15": { "url" : " toolless hinged base system.jpg", "title" : "Tool-Less Hinged Base System", "desc" : "Use the spring loaded release lever to remove the hinged bases from the OF 2200. Changing and attaching bases is quick and easy. Simply insert the two base hinges into their slots and snap the base securely in place." }, "h16": { "url" : " quad center line marks.jpg", "title" : "Quad Center Line Marks", "desc" : "The OF 2200 features Quad Center Lines. These center lines appear on each of the four sides of the router and provide an easy reference point for the location of the center of the router bit and router path." }