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"h1": { "url" : "", "title" : "Service All-Inclusive", "desc" : "Registered tools are covered under Festool's Service All-Inclusive which includes a 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 10-Year Parts Availability, 48-Hour Standard Repair Turnaround and more." }, "h2": { "url" : " adhesive system.jpg", "title" : "Adhesive System", "desc" : "The CONTURO's advanced electronically controlled adhesive system applies the correct amount of glue every time for optimal adhesion and quick drying. The quantity of glue applied can be adjusted from the display interface. The silicon drip cup catches any extra glue and is easy to clean." }, "h3": { "url" : " adhesive colors.jpg", "title" : "Adhesive Colors", "desc" : "The CONTURO uses hot melt glue pucks, which are offered in a variety of colors, such as black, brown, natural and white, to match your application and edge banding. Changing colors is quick and mess-free. Only the adhesive needed is heated, preventing discoloration and allowing for quick warm up times. " }, "h4": { "url" : " edge banding a radius.jpg", "title" : "Edge Banding a Radius", "desc" : "The CONTURO is capable of applying edge banding to a curved edge with an inside diameter as small as two inches. Of course, outside radii can also be edge banded quickly and easily with no adjustments to the machine. Inside corners are equally as easy with the CONTURO." }, "h5": { "url" : " electronic display.jpg", "title" : "Electronic Display", "desc" : "An LCD electronic display shows important information such as when the edge banding has been properly inserted and is ready, how much edge banding you can apply with the amount of hot melt adhesive currently in the machine, the current temperature, and the speed setting (slow or fast)." }, "h6": { "url" : " quick warm up.jpg", "title" : "Quick Warm Up", "desc" : "The CONTURO Edge Bander takes approximately 8-10 minutes to be ready to go from a cold start. That means you spend more time applying edge banding and less time waiting. " }, "h7": { "url" : " perfect results.jpg", "title" : "Perfect Results", "desc" : "The CONTURO in unison with the rest of the perfect edge system delivers exceptional results with ease and speed. The components of the Edge Trimming Kit and the MFK 700 Trim Router combine to produce beautifully crafted edges to your work." }, "h8": { "url" : " edge banding station.jpg", "title" : "Edge Banding Station", "desc" : "With the optional CONTURO MFT/3 Table, you can convert the CONTURO into an edge banding station. The station is well-suited for working with beveled edges and perfect for working on small pieces that would otherwise be hard to navigate with the CONTURO in its handheld configuration. " }