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The original “Skilsaw” was first developed in 1923 by American inventor, Edmond Michel. As the first electrically powered handsaw, the Skilsaw was revolutionary. A year later the Michel Electric HandSaw Company, later renamed Skilsaw Inc., was born and improvements on the saw began.

In 1924, Skil’s Model E portable circular saw was released, the first of its kind to feature worm drive gears and a die-cast aluminum motor housing. However it was the Skilsaw Model 77, launched in 1937 that made the brand a legend. Considered “the saw that built America,” the Model 77 became the bench-mark of portable circular saws. And until now Skil continues to update and manufacture saws based on the Model 77.

With the success of the Skilsaw product, the brand used the next few decades to continue to expand its product line and by the late 1950’s Skil not only offered saws but had a full range of tools for the professional and the do-it-yourselfer. Today Skil Tools offers more than 100 tools including drills, grinders, sanders, routers, and other tools.