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Sanders and Polishers

Save yourself time and labor with powerful and efficient sanders and polishers from Tyler Tool. We stock orbital sanders and polishers, drum sanders, belt sanders and more for all of your sanding and polishing needs, from restoring an old boat to putting coat of wax on your car.

What's the difference?

- Random Orbit Vs. Orbital -
What's the Difference?

Random Orbit
Overview The sanding disc spins in a circle while the whole pad moves in an oval loop Sanding disc spins in a regular circular motion only
Best Uses Polishing, finish sanding, surface preparation Paint removal, general sanding where final finish is not important
Suited For Woodworking, Autobody, DIY'ers Woodworking, Paint striping, DIY'ers, General use
Other Notes Also known as "Dual Action Sander". No single abrasive particle follows the same path twice, leaving a swirl-free finish A general Disc Sander

Sanders & Polishers