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$20 off Milwaukee orders of $150 or more - Rules and Exclusions

*$20 discount applied in cart. Valid on select items, qualifying items are identified on the product page. Offer not valid on reconditioned, open box, certified items or the following items:

miln2731-20, miln2750-20, miln2754-20, miln2755-20, miln2605-20, miln2607-20, miln2621-20, miln2615-20, miln2623-20, miln2625-20, miln2629-20, miln2630-20, miln2632-20, miln2641-20, miln2645-20, miln2703-20, miln2646-20, miln2753-20, miln2754-20, miln2680-20, miln2682-20, miln2720-20, miln2729-20, miln2730-20, miln2762-20, miln2763-20, miln2764-20, miln2780-20, miln2781-20, miln2890-20, miln2792-20, miln2446-21xc, miln2494-22, miln2497-22, miln48-11-2420, miln2472-21xc, miln2402-22, miln2403-22, miln2404-22, miln2416-22xc, miln2452-22, miln2453-22, miln2454-22, miln2520-21xc, miln2594-22, miln2597-22, miln2797-22, miln2794-22, miln2604-22, miln2694-24, miln2695-24, miln2696--24, miln2696-26, miln2629-22, miln2629-20, miln2682-22, miln2682-20, miln2697-22, miln2662-22, miln2663-22, miln2664-22, miln2680-20, miln2630-20, miln2621-20, miln2663-20, miln2790-20, miln2691-22, miln9070-20, miln9071-20, miln9072-20, miln9072-22, miln9075-20, miln6523-21, miln6536-21, miln6538-21, miln6177-20, miln49-22-1129, miln48-32-4006, miln48-89-4631, miln48-22-5125k, miln48-22-3104, miln48-22-1995, miln48-22-5516, miln48-22-2008, miln48-22-8193, miln48-22-6100, miln48-22-3507, miln48-22-3510, miln48-22-3532, miln48-22-3405, miln48-22-3407, miln48-22-3522, miln48-22-3410, miln48-22-3406, miln48-22-3409, miln48-22-3531, miln48-22-3521, miln48-22-3420, milntb15mc, milntb15ms, milntb15sc, milntb15ss, milntbm14rmc, milntbm14rms, milntbm14rsc, milntbm14rss, milnti16mc, milnti16ms, milnti16sc, milnti16ss, milnti14mc, milnti14ms, milnti14sc, milnti14ss, milnti14ss-16, milnti14mc-16, milnti14sc-16, milnti12sc, milnti12sc-16, milnfb5, miln2370-l, miln2399-xl, miln2399-s, miln2399-m, miln2399-l, miln2395-xl, miln2395-s, miln2395-m, miln2395-l, miln2395-3x, miln2395-2x, miln2394-xl, miln2394-s, miln2394-m, miln2394-l, miln2394-3x, miln2394-2x, miln2393-xl, miln2393-s, miln2393-m, miln2393-l, miln2393-3x, miln2393-2x, miln2392-xl, miln2392-s, miln2392-m, miln2392-2x, miln2391-xl, miln2391-s, miln2391-m, miln2391-l, miln2391-3x, miln2391-2x, miln2390-xl, miln2390-s, miln2392-l, miln2390-l, miln2392-3x, miln2390-2x, miln2390-m, miln2390-3x, miln2387-xl, miln2387-s, miln2387-m, miln2387-l, miln2387-3x, miln2387-2x, miln2386-xl, miln2386-s, miln2386-m, miln2386-l, miln2386-3x, miln2386-2x, miln2385-xl, miln2385-s, miln2385-m, miln2385-l, miln2385-3x, miln2385-2x, miln2384-xl, miln2384-s, miln2384-m, miln2384-l, miln2383-xl, miln2383-s, miln2384-3x, miln2383-l, miln2384-2x, miln2383-2x, miln2382-xl, miln2383-m, miln2383-3x, miln2382-s, miln2382-m, miln2382-2x, miln2381-xl, miln2381-s, miln2381-m, miln2381-l, miln2381-3x, miln2381-2x, miln2380-xl, miln2380-s, miln2380-m, miln2380-l, miln2380-3x, miln2380-2x, miln2382-l, miln2377-xl, miln2377-s, miln2377-m14, miln2377-m, miln2377-l14, miln2377-l, miln2377-3x14, miln2377-3x, miln2377-2x, miln2376-xl, miln2382-3x, miln2376-s, miln2376-m14, miln2376-m, miln2376-l14, miln2376-l, miln2376-3x14, miln2376-3x, miln2376-2x, miln2373-xl, miln2377-xl14, miln2373-l, miln2373-3x, miln2373-2x, miln2372-s, miln2372-m, miln2372-3x, miln2371-xl, miln2371-s, miln2371-m, miln2371-l, miln2376-s14, miln2373-m, miln2371-3x, miln2370-s, miln2370-m, miln2371-2x, miln2370-xl, miln2370-3x, miln2369-xl, miln2369-s, miln2369-m, miln2369-l, miln2370-2x, miln2369-2x, miln2368-xl, miln2368-s, miln2368-m, miln2368-l, miln2368-3x, miln2368-2x, miln2347-xl, miln2347-m, miln2369-3x, miln2347-4x, miln2347-3x, miln2347-l, miln2346-xl, miln2346-m, miln2346-l, miln2346-3x, miln2346-2x, miln2344-s, miln2342-s, miln2342-m, miln2341-xl, miln2340-3x, miln2347-2x, miln2339-xl, miln2339-s, miln2339-m, miln2339-l, miln2322-21, miln2322-20, miln2321-21, miln2321-20, miln2173-xl, miln2173-s, miln2173-m, miln2173-l, miln2339-xl14, miln2173-2x, miln2172-xl, miln2172-s, miln2172-m, miln2172-l, miln2172-3x, miln2172-2x, miln2171-xl, miln2171-s, miln2171-m, miln2171-l, miln2171-3x, miln2171-2x, miln2170-xl, miln2170-s, miln2170-m, miln2170-l, miln2170-3x, miln2170-2x, miln2173-3x.

Discount applies to merchandise only. Excludes tax and shipping. Limit one per customer. Cannot be combined with any other order level discount. Offer valid until 11:59pm ET on January 21, 2016 or while supplies last. No adjustments to previous purchases. Subject to change without notice.