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"h1": { "url" : "", "title" : "Service All-Inclusive", "desc" : "Registered tools are covered under Festool's Service All-Inclusive which includes a 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 10-Year Parts Availability, 48-Hour Standard Repair Turnaround and more." }, "h2": { "url" : " spring balanced bevel.jpg", "title" : "Counter Spring Balanced Bevel", "desc" : "The bevel adjustment on the Kapex is counter spring balanced meaning that you can position the bevel at any angle and the head will stay in position even when it is not locked in place. Bevel gauges are on both sides of the saw for quick, easy reference." }, "h3": { "url" : " compact footprint.jpg", "title" : "Lightweight Compact Footprint", "desc" : "The Magnesium alloy base of the Kapex was designed to be rigid and durable yet very light weight when compared to other 10 in. miter saws. At only 47 lbs., the Kapex is truly a portable power tool. The compact footprint saves space in your work environment and rubber feet protect the work surface." }, "h4": { "url" : " lock knob.jpg", "title" : "Bevel Lock Knob", "desc" : "Use the Bevel Lock Knob on the top of the Kapex to control the bevel positive detents and to lock the bevel angle. The bevel knob has three settings: positive detents at 0 and -45 degrees, free movement between -45 and +45 degrees and free movement up to ±47 degrees. Bevels can be made to the left or right and the bevel gauge appears on both sides of the saw." }, "h5": { "url" : " cutting position.jpg", "title" : "Special Cutting Position", "desc" : "The Kapex incorporates a special cutting position that, when employed, provides greater than usual cutting capacity by utilizing the back portion of the blade more effectively. The Kapex is locked into the special cutting position with the flip of a lever." }, "h6": { "url" : " extraction port.jpg", "title" : "Dust Extraction Port", "desc" : "The Kapex features a swivelling dust extraction port which accepts a 27mm or 36mm hose. When combined with the Festool CT 22 or CT 33 Dust Extractor, the Kapex is capable of collecting up to 91% of the saw dust. The dust port has a swivel design to allow the dust extraction hose to be positioned." }, "h7": { "url" : " forward design.jpg", "title" : "Rail Forward Design", "desc" : "The Kapex features a rail forward design which increases precision and creates a compact footprint. The rails are robust at 30mm in diameter and are wide apart. This prevents head play to ensure smooth, accurate cuts every time. The rail forward design also allow the Kapex to be placed against a wall while being used which saves valuable work space." }, "h8": { "url" : " blade changes.jpg", "title" : "FastFix Blade Changes", "desc" : "The Kapex features Festool's patented FastFix blade change system. Turning the FastFix knob locks the arbor, mechanically locking the trigger and allowing the blade to be changed with a single hand. A cupped steel arbor nut prevents accidental over-torquing and damage to the saw and blade." }, "h9": { "url" : " handle position.jpg", "title" : "Ergonomic Handle Position", "desc" : "A center-positioned handle allows you to make cuts with either hand making it easier to view the cut. Combine the Kapex with the MFT/3-Kapex multifunction table to place the saw at the optimal work height for greater comfort. A two-stage trigger helps prevent accidental triggering." }, "h10": { "url" : " lasers.jpg", "title" : "Dual Lasers", "desc" : "Easily align cuts from the left or right side of the Kapex using the dual lasers. The lasers clearly define the material which will be removed during the cut. Using the three axis adjustment controls, you have complete control to fine-tune the lasers. The laser can be turned on without powering on the saw and is powered electronically without batteries. " }, "h11": { "url" : " kerf and guard design.jpg", "title" : "Blade Kerf and Guard Design", "desc" : "The Kapex blade creates a thin kerf which reduces load on the motor and improves the cut quality. The blades are specially designed to reduce noise levels and dampen vibration. The large 30mm arbor hole reduces blade deflection. The clear, narrow guard is also designed to improve dust extraction efficiency and visibility." }, "h12": { "url" : " height.jpg", "title" : "Deck Height", "desc" : "The deck height of the Kapex matches the height of the Systainer 1 storage containers. On the jobsite, you can use one or more systainers to support the material being cut. The difference in height between the MFT/3 and MFT/3-Kapex multifunction tables is also equal to the height of the deck providing optimal work flow and support." }, "h13": { "url" : " angle transfer device.jpg", "title" : "MiterFast Angle Transfer Device", "desc" : "The Kapex includes the MiterFast which makes the transfer of inside and outside angles from the workpiece to the saw quick and easy without complex angle calculations. Angles are easily transferred to the Kapex using the reflective surface of the MiterFast and the dual lasers on the saw." }, "h14": { "url" : " electronics.jpg", "title" : "MMC Electronics", "desc" : "Festool's unique MMC (Multi-Material Control) Electronics provides constant blade speed while under load and variable speed control to match the blade speed with the material being cut while protecting the motor from overload and damage. A chart on the side of the Kapex head provides a quick reference for the appropriate blade speed based on the application." }, "h15": { "url" : " fine adjustment knob.jpg", "title" : "Bevel Fine-Adjustment Knob", "desc" : "Use the fine-adjustment knob to control the bevel of the cut to fractions of a degree with extreme precision. The knob rotates and engages a rack and pinion to move the head. The bevel angle is very large and easy to read and the distance from the axis of rotation provides maximum accuracy." }, "h16": { "url" : " capability.jpg", "title" : "Trenching Capability", "desc" : "Another unique feature of the Kapex is a special trenching capability. With the simple flip of a knob, you can cut trenches to create lap joints or go around pipes and other obstacles. Flip the knob back up and you're back to normal miter saw position in seconds. Turning the knob will adjust the trenching depth." }, "h17": { "url" : " nonslip material clamp.jpg", "title" : "Keyed Non-slip Material Clamp", "desc" : "The Kapex includes a clamp which is keyed to make insertion and removal quick and easy. The clamp will not slide down freely when the lock is disengaged keeping it out of the way while you are positioning your material. The foot on the clamp is oblong shaped providing a flat surface to be placed against the fence." }, "h18": { "url" : " and tool storage.jpg", "title" : "Cord and Tool Storage", "desc" : "The Kapex includes onboard storage for the power cord and the arbor tool. A far superior and safer solution to simply wrapping the cord around the saw during transport. The arbor tool is always handy for quick blade changes using the FastFix system." }