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"h1": { "url" : " centrotec chuck.jpg", "title" : "Centrotec Chuck", "desc" : "The Centrotec chuck is designed to work seamlessly with the wide array of Festool Centrotec drill and driver bits as well as all standard hex shank bits. This smaller, lighter chuck offers better ergonomics compared to drills which only feature a keyless chuck." }, "h2": { "url" : " right angle chuck.jpg", "title" : "Right Angle Chuck", "desc" : "This chuck makes working in tight spaces more practical. The Right Angle chuck can swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions making it the perfect solution for any application when you're faced with a small space." }, "h3": { "url" : " eccentric chuck.jpg", "title" : "Eccentric Chuck", "desc" : "Designed to allow you to operate in corners or against an adjacent surface, the eccentric chuck can swivel 360° with 16 locking positions." }, "h4": { "url" : " keyless chuck.jpg", "title" : "1/2 in. Keyless Chuck", "desc" : "The 1/2 in. keyless chuck accepts standard driver and drill bits up to 1/2 in. diameter. A tool-less mechanism clamps down quickly on the bit to prevent slippage." }, "h5": { "url" : " dual motor speed selector.jpg", "title" : "Dual Motor Speed Selector", "desc" : "The T+3 offers two speed settings, which can be selected by a switch on the top of the drill. Use the speed selector in conjunction with the clutch setting to drill with full power or to drive delicate soft metal screws without damage." }, "h6": { "url" : " drill drive mode selector.jpg", "title" : "Drill/Drive Mode Selector", "desc" : "When in drill mode, the drill automatically overrides the clutch to make sure you get maximum power and torque. When in drive mode, the clutch re-engages. Switch between drill and drive modes without losing your clutch setting." }, "h7": { "url" : " fastfix chuck system.jpg", "title" : "FastFix Chuck System", "desc" : "The Festool FastFix chuck system allows you to use any of the five Festool specialty chucks with your drill. Chucks can be swapped quickly and easily. The T+3 Set comes standard with the Centrotec, Eccentric, Right Angle and Drill chucks." }, "h8": { "url" : " second generation brushless.jpg", "title" : "Second Generation Brushless Motor", "desc" : "The Festool T+3 cordless drill features a second generation brushless motor. Brushless motors offer many advantages over the brushed DC motors in all other cordless drills including higher efficiency, better reliability and longer service life." }, "h9": { "url" : " forward reverse selector.jpg", "title" : "Forward Reverse Selector", "desc" : "Use the forward / reverse selector to switch motor direction. Quickly switch between driving and removing screws. " }, "h10": { "url" : " electronically controlled clutch.jpg", "title" : "Electronically Controlled Clutch", "desc" : "The T+3 uses a superior, more sophisticated electronic clutch. This results in less wear on the motor and other wearable parts. When the clutch engages, the T+3 notifies you with an audible tone. When the clutch dialed to a setting below 10, the speed of the drill is also reduced automatically. " }, "h11": { "url" : " soft ergonomic grip.jpg", "title" : "Soft, Ergonomic Grip", "desc" : "The soft, rubberized grip reduces fatigue and the drill is designed to be well balanced. The use of Lithium-Ion batteries has significantly lowered the weight of the drill also enhancing comfort." }, "h12": { "url" : " magnetic bit stowage.jpg", "title" : "Magnetic Bit Stowage", "desc" : "Always have quick access to your most commonly used driver bits by stowing them on the drill. The magnetic bit stowage can accommodate up to four 1 in. driver bits." }, "h13": { "url" : " ventilation ports.jpg", "title" : "Ventilation Ports", "desc" : "The T+3 cordless drill has strategically placed ventilation ports to reduce the chances of premature wear due to overheating." }, "h14": { "url" : " intelligent battery charger.jpg", "title" : "Intelligent Battery Charger", "desc" : "The T+3 cordless drill comes with an intelligent microprocessor-controlled battery charger that uses pulse charging technology. The charger is designed to protect your batteries from damage and prolong their life. On board LEDs provide instant status feedback." }, "h15": { "url" : " intelligent lithiumion batteries.jpg", "title" : "Intelligent Lithium-Ion Batteries", "desc" : "The T+3 batteries are backed by a full three-year warranty. The batteries are cell balanced meaning that battery cells are selected and matched to offer optimal charge and discharge cycles. The T+3 batteries can achieve full charge in under 70 minutes. " }